Magnetic Match Is Ready For You!

Magnetic Match Is Ready For You!

So after many months of preparations, lengthy hours, all-nighters, almost working around the clock, wishing there was more than just 24 hours in day…We are finally here!


We are happy to announce that our first-ever Magnetic Match Launch Event will take place in the West Island. We have carefully selected a location with a beautiful and modern decor, and that’s very inviting!

We really want our members to feel at ease not only with the atmosphere but with us as their “hands-on” hosts for the entire evening! We want everyone to feel more than just members, but as friends of ours. Even though technology in the 21st Century has advanced us, we are fully aware of the fact that it has also disconnected us on various levels! Sure you can text, scroll through profiles, video chat online, chat in rooms and forums, like and share posts on Facebook, snap photos and upload them for the world to see on Instagram, send out short-form messages on Twitter… But where’s the real human contact? We are hiding behind a screen, whether it be a computer screen, a phone screen or tablet, we are there.

Think for one minute, close your eyes and envision someone standing in the same room as you, speaking through the air having a sound conversation. Wouldn’t that be better? Opening your eyes to a human being who’s actually right before you? Instead of behind that screen that we’ve all become accustomed to! Sadly, that’s the reality! Less human interaction and more technology controlling our daily lives! So guess what? We are here to change the dating world! We want each and every one of our members to get back into the OLD ways of dating, with a NEW twist! We call this the Magnetic Match approach! Where we help connect you to your match in person.

Let’s just say, we are bringing back the real way of finding that match who is definitely out there somewhere! Hopefully they are reading this and willing to step away from the virtual world and join us in the real world!

For this we would like to introduce you to the Launch Event of Magnetic Match.

Find out what we are all about on Friday, March 24th, from 7:30 pm until 11:00 pm at the Olympia Reception Hall. You won’t want to miss this! CLICK HERE

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